Your Expired Listing

Putting your home on the market only to see it under-marketed and expired is extremely frustrating. There are many reasons that a home might not sell in this market place although there are a few more likely glaring possibilities.

Home Price

Was your home priced at what you thought was fair? Often times in a buyer’s market like we are in homes are priced too high, only to end up not selling at all. The first thing to do is look at recently sold home costs in the surrounding neighborhoods over the past 6 months. Was the cost of your home reflected within their selling costs?

Real Estate Marketing

Many of real estate agents seems to have one foot in the down and one foot wandering upon the line as to whether or not they want to consider being a Real Estate Professional. Did the agent put your home on the MLS and call it a day? It’s important that when listing with an agent you learn how they intend to market your home uniquely. A good measure of an agent’s ability to market is to identify their website and online presence. Being that this is the first place buyer’s typically go to find a home, a good presence is necessary to be a successful listing agent.

Agent Aptitude

Did your agent really take the time to inform you of their processes and provide you with the feedback they were receiving on your home? Make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Check references, ask for testimonials, review their website, and most importantly ask them what makes them more qualified to sell your listing than any other agent in the local market place. If they don’t have good answers or tools for these questions you may want to consider shopping around.

The above is just a sampling of some of the reasons. Fill out our form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly to provide more information on how to best sell your home.